Customer Comments

1 03.10.11 12:59 Judith Byrne

We bought some of your coffee chocolate and chocolate coated crystalized ginger at the farmers market at Browsholme hall at the weekend and would like to let you knoe just how much we enjoyed them both. I hear you are at Lancaster University on a regular basis (where my daughetr studies) and will be putting a regular order in with her to collect for us! Keep up the good work, the chocolate is delicious. One suggestion - get yourself on Twitter, its a great way to communicate with customer, place photographs etc.

26.09.11 11:02 linda

Brought some of your candied orange and peanut brittle at the Westmoorland county show. Enjoyed them both very much. The candied orange was sticky and moist and the peanut brittle like caramel. I live in Didsbury and knowing that you have a stall at the farmers market there, I'll be making an effort from now on to visit the market.

22.08.11 09:22

Stella Bowman I purchased a bag of chocolate ginger yesterday at the Farmers Market in Prestwich. I intended to "treat" myself to a piece a day - could not resist and have just eaten the last piece - oh the calories, but who cares. They were absolutely delicious.

11.06.11 20:46 Grace

Lovely lovely fudge....bought some chocolate and white chocolate fudge today at Caton Gale and its so yummy...Its all been eaten up!! Thanks Where abouts at the Lancaster Uni do you sell at??

25.02.11 17:02 Irene

I buy your chocolate every month at Thornton Farmers' market - it is the best chocolate I have tasted and now I just don't enjoy any commercial chocolate at all. The choco nut crunch is just D I V I N E. I wish you could come to Poulton on the 4th Saturday too.

18.11.10 20:29 Daniel

I purchased a bag of your Belgian Sugar free plain choco-coffee at Thornton Farmers Market on 13/11/10. It is beautiful, the flavours are so delicate. I look forward to finishing the bag and buying more!

03.11.10 21:25 Christine Barrett

Really enjoyed your white chocolate fudge purchased at Radcliffe Farmers' market on 30.10.10, its so creamy. Hope you will consider returning to Radcliffe in the near future so that we can sample some more of your goodies.

02.11.10 16:39 Sue from Liverpool

I visited your stall at the farmers market on Lark Lane, Liverpool. I bought a few things and treated myself to the marshmellow stick dipped in chocolate...OMG I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. I hope you'll be back there before christmas. I have to say, I usually go for Hotel Chocolate, don't think I will be anymore. Thank you for re-lighting my tastebuds.

25.10.10 11:46 Sophie & Elizabeth

Hello, I bought some chocolates from you at the farmers market in prestwich. They are beautiful! Lizzy really enjoyed her chocolate fudge, all the rest of the family enjoyed the gifts she picked for them too. They were a real hit after our sunday roast! I shall definitely be purchasing some of your treats as christmas presents! absolutley delicious!

26.08.10 11:37 Mary from Southport

Hi I have bought from you a number of times, i also got some stuff from Huntleys and didn't recognise you too, but I did recognise the Coffee thins which I love! Another favorite is the fruit/choc cake and the choc fudge....divine. My family and friends that i have bought for in the past have all enjoyed you products too!

7.06.10 20:58 Sydney

Hello, My friend got a wondeful hamper for his birthday, and I got to try some of your delicious chocolate. He really enjoyed the chocolate and it was popular with the rest of the family. Thank-you.