About us

Choco-Lori was established in 2008 out of a long-lived passion for making delicious home-made chocolates and cakes for family and friends. As a mother and daughter team, Anne and Louise worked hard to create an indulgent range of chocolate products, made using high quality Belgian chocolate containing only cocoa butter and natural vanilla; not the vegetable fats and oils found in commercial chocolate products.

In the beginning Choco-Lori wasn’t planned as a business venture, yet the love of experimenting with different recipe ideas, and the consistent enjoyment the finished products generated, gradually encouraged this family business to take shape. Consequently an increasing range of diverse and unique chocolate products were created and patiently perfected to a high standard.

At Choco-Lori we pride ourselves on the founding principles which lie at the heart of our products, to create top quality home-made chocolates, made by hand in small batches to ensure the levels of quality which we insist upon are maintained, and that you the customer continually taste what drove Anne and Louise to create Choco-Lori and fired their passion to bring the taste of real chocolate to you.

We aim to grow and evolve further as a quality family chocolate business and with the continued support of our satisfied and valued customers hope to find a shop in 2012.

Anne and Louise, Choco-Lori

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